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Functie: Tibco EAI Consultant/mathematician
Beschikbaar niet direct beschikbaar voor fulltime
Zoekt: Opdracht, via dit kanaal geen tussenpersonen.

9-1994 ­– 8-1998 University of Twente, Enschede, NL, Ph.D.
Ph.D. student mathematics (computational fluid dynamics)
- Formulating research subject and method of problem ‘attack’
- Doing computations with self developed numerical software, object oriented C++, solving nonlinear PDE’s using 2nd, 4th and 6th order accurate finite difference methods and implicit preconditioned bicgstab(l) matrix solver.
- Presenting results and implications of the computations: in presentations, journals and Ph.D. thesis
- Lecturing, supervising students

Mathematics (ir, Groningen, 1993, dr, Enschede, 1998)
Physics (drs, Groningen, 1991)


Sinds 1998 is mijn leven gewijd aan EAI en Tibco. De werkzaamheden lopen uiteen van projectleider tot programmeur. Bij al deze werkzaamheden werden de op dat moment gangbare Tibco producten gebruikt.

IT product skills:
- C++, Java, SQL en databases (Sybase, Oracle, Microsoft), Microsoft Office, Unix, Excel/Visual Basic, Python, Awk, Html, XML/XSLT, WSDL, Prolog, Visio, UML (Enterprise Architect), Rational ClearCase, Visual Source Safe, CVS, PostScript, DocBook, Oracle BPEL, Ant, Apache webserver, PHP, Joomla

- TIBCO Enterprise Application Integration products:
middleware (RV), monitoring (Hawk), Administrator (Enterprise version), workflow (IM, InConcert, BPM, BusinessWorks 5), MessageBroker, BusinessConnect, SmartMapper, RvScript, iProcess.

- TIBCO adapter products:
Lotus Notes, ActiveDatabase, LDAP, Remedy, SAP, Siebel, Adapter SDK, COM, Files, Hawk SNMP, Hawk RV, PeopleSoft.

Mathematics skills:
over 5 years experience in mathematical programming, in C++, Ph.D. Especially in solving nonlinear PDE's using finite differences, sparse generalized eigenvalue problems, and in solving sparse systems of linear equations using preconditioned krylov subspace methods.


1-1998 - now. Tibco.

May 2006 - Dec 2006. Developer at Eneco (utility in NL). Implementing processes for optimizing Eneco's application landscape. Working with Oracle BPEL , Tibco BusinessWorks and Tibco iProcess.

March 2006 - now. Development of and

Sep 2005 - March 2006. Design and implementation of Crm related business processes for ordering internet access for business customers at KPN. Using Tibco BusinessWorks and Tibco InConcert.

Jun 2005 - Aug 2005. Design and implementation of business processes at T-Mobile, The Hague. These processes are dealing with contract renewal.
Using Tibco BusinessWorks.

Feb 2005 - May 2005 Sub-contrating for LogicaCMG at Delta, Middelburg.
Design and implementation of interfaces between Billing, CRM and Metering systems. Using Tibco BusinessWorks, and (custom) adapters.

March 2004 - Jan 2005. Tibco Architect at UCB, Belgium.
- Audit of production infrastructure, giving advice for outsourcing of production support of UCB business processes: specifying the interface between the development team and the support team;
- Managing and auditing the releases of projects delivered by other developers,
- Teaching other developers on using Tibco applications,
- Proof of concepts
- Design and implementation of new UCB business processes: for example integration of applications involved in manufacturing medicins such as SAP, XFP, Pharmacim, InTrack.
- Writing BW components for other developers: regression testing and tracing frameworks
- Advice, planning and implementation of migration of production processes as part of sell-off to external party.

Tibco applications involved:
Administrator (Enterprise version), RvScript, BusinessWorks 5, InConcert, BPM, Hawk, Smart Mapper, several adapters such as Remedy, File, Active Databae, SAP, PeopleSoft, Lotus Notes, Hawk SNMP, Hawk RV and LDAP adapter. Other techniques involved: docbook (documentation), XSLT, XSD

Jan 2004. Preparation for and giving a Tibco training to employees of Cargill/Cerestar, a nutrition concern.

6-2003 - 12-2003. Ciber Nederland.
Senior Consultant.
Providing help with all EAI (enterprise application integration) related issues at Ciber's customers.
- Set up of administration of most Tibco applications and Tibco business processes at Essent, a utility company. This includes making proposals for enhancements, giving advice on using Tibco products, coaching colleagues, locating and solving (production) problems, coordinating testing and acceptance of new software, design and development of tools.

Tibco applications involved:
Integration Manager, MessageBroker, Rendezvous, Hawk, BusinessConnect, SAP adapter, Siebel adapter, LodeStar adapter, Active Database adapter.

4-2000 - 5-2003. Reuters Consulting.
For products from Tibco Software Inc. and Reuters: middleware, adapters (software integrating middleware with a third party system), automatic dealing systems, market data products, EAI.

Tasks and responsibilities:
- Team leading in EAI (enterprise application integration) projects
- Capturing and documenting customer requirements
- Design, software development and maintenance of various adapters
- Providing effort estimates for new projects and maintenance activitites
- Following up issues with Reuters Product Development teams internally
- Customer support
- Problem solving/urgent fixes and investigations


- Integration of Swift messages and account posting messages with various settlement and trading systems within Nordea bank (Copenhagen).
- Integration between XETRA and several middle office applications at HVB (Munich). Project based on Integration Manager and custom tibco SDK adapters.
- Swift integration. Initiating a bigger project as leader of 3-people team. Responsible for the design and planning for a phased delivery of an entirely new product. Using BusinessWorks & InConcert workflow.
- Apia/Olympic integration (Banca dello Stato de Ticino, Bellinzano). Business analyst for project based on BusinessWorks. Payment slips scanning process and integration of teller service with settlement system.
- KPN-Epacity, Rotterdam. Telecoms project for KPN led by BearingPoint. Tibco EAI (workflow) design, development, training, architecture. As a Tibco consultant I was a member of the core team responsible for interfacing all applications to the Rendezvous middleware and the InConcert workflows. Also using Python, Java, Unix, VB, Prolog, Visio, Oracle, Sybase, Active Database adapter, MessageBroker, Tibco SDK.
- Riksbanken (central bank in Stockholm), using TIB/IntegrationManager
- Maintenance and product management for several gateway/adapters products between Rendezvous and external systems, like EuroMTS and Eurex (exchanges for bonds, shares and derivatives). Java, C++, Unix, XML.
- Developing adapter between Reuters Mercury FX AutoDealing system and FXAll. Main e-commerce system for HSBC and other banks. Coordinating other developers. On-site (Hong Kong) requirements gathering. Sales support. High volume message flow requirement, multithreaded C++.
- Giving workshops, pre-sales studies

10-1998 - 3-2000. Tibco Finance Technology (a Reuters company),
Software developer.

- Automatic dealing in foreign exchange at Abn-Amro. Development of order routing interfaces, like to OMR and RXM (credit checking). Third-line support, pre-sales of Tibco products, C++, Sybase.
- GLNet Line Manager. Routing equity orders from TibMercury Online (TMOL) to the GLTrade system connecting to multiple exchanges. Consulting on GLNet features, dealing with GLTrade.

9-1993 ­– 8-1994 University of Groningen, NL
Fluid dynamics researcher for SLOSH-SAT project.

Design of experiments with a satellite containing sloshing liquid under micro-gravity. Doing computations and developing computer programs to predict the future experimental results. This satellite was launched on February 12, 2005, search the internet for “sloshsat launch” for more details.

cv: 2277

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