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Functie: Senior Application consultant SAP
Beschikbaar In overleg
Zoekt: job

Senior Project Management Phase 2 [Certified by CMG]
Prince 2 [Certified by CMG]
ITIL Service Manager Certified [certified by CMG]
BPR / BPI [Mercer Group USA]
NOVI S2 and S3 System Development [ The Netherlands]
Diverse general management trainings
Member of Informatica CoreIntegration group [i.e. have access to latest PowerCentre versions, patches and docs]
Formal Education:

- Master class & certification for “Data warehouse Dimensional Design” Ralph Kimball University [nov. 2001] - SAP AG Trainings: SAP Den Bosch / Bangkok: * BW3.0 Server Side TBW10 certification, * BW Query Bex TBW20 certification and * BW257 Reporting & Analysis * BW310 DWh design & Data Modeling certification * BW350 SAP Components Extraction * BW360 Performance Tuning & Administration * BW365 BW InfoSecurity & Authorizations certification * SEM 200 SEM and BW Integration and Implementation * SEM 210 SEM BPS & FOX programming
* SEM 220 SEM-CPM, Corp. Performance Management * SEM 230 / 240 SEM BCS: Management Consolidation * AP010 APO Overview * AP210 DP, Demand Planning * BC555 LiveCache * TSM 10 SAP SOLUTION MANAGER configuration ST310 * CRM 4 – BW3.3 Interfacing * BC520 Dbms Administration SQLserver and Oracle
* BC600 SAP Workflow Introduction * BIT600 &BC601 Build and Use Workflows * Full AC Series: AC 010 / AC 040 Controlling & Cost Accounting thru AC605 Co-Pa R/3 * BIT531 Business Connector & Integrator - Member of DWI, Data Warehouse Institute - Oracle Academy: OSA, Oracle Sales set Analyzer - International Business Administration , Nijenrode University
Higher Technical School; Energy technology, graduate
NIBE trainings: General Banking, Security Capital Markets and Commercial Credit
Member of GARP, Global Association of Risk Professionals
NIMA-C Marketing Strategy


Tool experience:
DW and Business Analysis Development: SAP AG : . BW Business Warehouse ver. 2.1, 3.1, 3.3, 3.5 [77 months] . SAP Strat.Ent.Mgt. SEM 3.0A thru 3.5 {modules BPS, BCS, BSC / CPM heavily} [53 months]. Have an up to date knowledge and experience of SEM Industry specific InfoObjects and Applications in SEM ver. 3.5. BPS FOX programmer [32 months]. . SAP SOLUTION MANAGER 3.30 [10 months experience] . ABAP / Open SQL programming [12 months] . CRM3 & 4 and interfacing with BW. . SAP APO interfacing with BW for Supply cockpits . SAP TEALEAF website traffic analysis with BW . SAP R/3 4.7 and ECCS supported modules: - FI/CO , Fi/GL, CO/PA , Corp.Finance Mgt. CFM - HCM/HR, - SD, - IS-UTILITIES & BW-UTILITIES - Have an up to date knowledge of the SCEM , Supply Chain Event Performance Management objects [Order to Cash cycle] - IS-RETAIL & BW-RETAIL - IS-AFS Apparel & Footwear - Logistics: Execution System LES , Info System LIS - Interfacing of BW/SEM with SAP APO for SCC, Supply Chain Cockpits - SAP Business Process manager - SAP Classification System for manufacturing.
EAI, Enterprise Application Integration . Informatica PowerCentre V.5 and V.6
Workflow & Process Management: . SAP Business Process workflow manager
IDE, Integrated Development & Analysis and Testing: . Rational ReqPro Requirements Definition . Oracle Designer 2000 . TOAD of Quest Software, a DBA tool . IBM Rational Rose2000 UML . PowerDesigner [Sybase Data Modelling tool . ERWin [ Entity Relation Modelling tool]
Information Management Knowledge Methods:
KIMBALL Data Warehouse methodology certified
Kelly &Ass. Data Warehouse methodology [training by Sean Kelly]
UML for information & process analysis, object modelling and schema generation,
RUP, RATIONAL Unified Process of software development,
IBM - IFW, Financial Information Component Framework
IBM ISMA for service management and DP Control and Planning,
COBIT - Audit & Control Technique On IT function,
ING Bank PRIMA project standards.
GLASSHOUSE QMS, Quality process Management System.


Technical Role: Solution Architect, Senior Application consultant SAP BI Business Intelligence: BW, SEM Planning & Management Consolidation [BPS, BCS] and SAP CFM. Business Analyst. Basis Consultant BW , SAP Authorizations , BW-related ABAP programmer, SEM BPS Customizer & FOX programmer. Data Warehouse [DWh] Architect /Designer /Technical Implementer. SAP R/3 supported modules : CRM4 interfacing to BW, HCM/HR, SD, CO/PA, MM, FI/CO, PP, IS-RETAIL, LIS / LES , SAP Solution Manager ST310, BW Netweaver 4.0. Robert’s focus is on providing practical Business Solutions via DWh Best Practices, Business Planning & Management Reporting, ‘back-end’ ETTL Extraction Transport Transformation Loading and DWh Administration. Incl implementing SAP Bex [Business Explorer Analyzer], Web Reporting and daily administration and operations [w. SAP Solution Manager]. Robert is an certified and associated consultant to SAP SI Systems Integration business. Currently Robert is in a 15th BW and 9th SEM project. He is an in-house trainer for BW and BW Security, SEM-BW and SEM-BPS and a partner with SAP-SI. For BW, Authorizations and SEM, Robert utilizes a ‘Best Practice’ specific BW and SEM toolset with templates.
Status and year of birth: Principal Consultant of BSP cv, 1954 , living in Amsterdam at is an Information & Communication Technology professional, specialised in Enterprise Process & Information Integration. Like bringing up BI solutions with DWh [data warehousing], SCC Supply Chain Cockpits, and E-Commerce functions. Concerning technologies he specializes in SAP BW, SEM-BPS, SEM-BCS, ABAP-SQL and CFM Corporate Financial - Enterprise Management and Logistics. He focuses on BW and SEM , because both implement the ‘best practice’ Methods of Dimensional Data-Warehouse Design, as published by DWh guru Ralph Kimball. Robert’s DWh specialist areas are: - Functional BI management information requirements analysis and specification, for multi-national enterprises and governments. Like demand,/supply planning and budgeting. - SAP Solution Architecture Engineering, based on the SAP Solution Manager, Solution Maps, Collaborative Business Map and Role Mapping approach, - SAP BW technical design: ETTL, Cleansing, staging, data modelling design, SCD Slowly Changing Dimensions version management, hierarchies, ODS, reporting, - R/3 and BW DWh operations: Basis Consultant for daily system management, role and security administration, quality control of BW ETTL jobs, tuning and system landscape integration.
He has a Business Administration degree Nijenrode University and twenty-five years of ICT experience in projects in diverse industries: banking, marketing, government, logistics, insurance and telco. Having business and ICT experience on senior level, combined with good commercial communication skills, he has a clear view of the possibilities, aspects, risks and project management resources required to successful apply ICT to realise business objectives. In an early stage Robert can assess project risks and mitigate/manage them. Combining business and technical DW knowledge and experience, he operates on the level of Functional & Technical SAP Architect, Designer and Implementer. He is a certified by DWh guru Ralph Kimball and qualified to apply the KIMBALL- and ASAP Best Practice methodologies for generating Management Information via ETL processes and analytic data warehouses. He has implemented one cycle in SAP Solution Manager to operate the ‘Solution Management’ of R/3 and BW systems for daily operations.
His qualifications and expertise become apparent in environments that involve:
Design/integration/implementation/testing complex Financial & Logistic Management Reporting and DWh database applications, workflow processes, and applications
Complex , time-bound and challenging ‘Call For Actions’
Integration and implementation of new products and services into existing systems and re-designing processes
Change Management during business- and project phases
Complex Financial, Performance management and Supply Chain Cockpits
Daily Facility BASIS Management of R/3 and BW systems .


Lead designer and implementer of Project Control function for all Faculities and projects at University of Amsterdam.
Tools: BW & SAP PS, Project System for Project Control, ABAP.
[mid December 2005 – current 2006]. Role: lead designer of Technical Design, Implementation, Unit Testing. Design/ implementation of all BW authorizations [HR, Fi/Co/GL, PS]. Environment: Netweaver 4, SAP R/3 4.7 , BW3.5 , SAP datasources: Fi/Co, Fi-GL, PS, custom dataSources.
Methods: SAP ASAP Systems Development Method.
Lead designer and implementer of SAP Component “Classification System “ for Worldwide Asset Installed-base Reporting and Planning at large Swedish Packaging manufacturer. SAP inhouse trainer. Tools: SAP R3 CTBW, BW and ABAP. [Oct. 2005 – mid Dec.2005]. Role: lead designer of Asset Reports and R3 extractors, incl. Custom ABAP programming to make Time-independent DataSources Time Dependant and develop interface with APO DP, demand planning. Environment: SAP R/3 4.7 , BW3.5., APO DP Live Cache. SAP datasources: R3 CTBW and SD.
Method: SAP ASAP Systems Development Method.
Lead Technical Application Consultant for Dutch Government project [phases Blueprint , Configuration and QA/pre-Production] for fully Web based Budgeting, Budget Planning and Scoreboard function with de-central input. Tools: BW-Co/Pa, BW-SEM-BPS, SEM-STS and Web Interface Builder [Business Server Pages customizing].
[April 2005 – Sept. 2005]. Role: lead designer of PlanSequences, PlanLayouts and Functions, implementer, unit tester and authorizations modeller. Environment: SAP R/3 4.7 , BW3.5 , SEM BPS and BW-BPS 3.5. SAP datasources: Fi/Co PCA, Fi-GL, Co/Pa,
Methods: SEM-BPS ASAP , SAP ASAP Systems Development Method.

Lead Support Manager of multiple clients: BluePrint Definition, Configuration, Go Live implementation. Of BW-Co/Pa and BW-SEM-BPS implementations in Government and diverse Consumer Goods industries for large SAP Softwarehouse Partner in Europe. [Nov 2004 – April 2005]. Role: lead designer, implementer, tester, and authorizations modeller. Daily BASIS operations, problem solving and tuning. Special work on BW-Bex maps [representation and queries of graphical geographic data]. Environment: SAP R/3 4.6 , BW3.1C , SEM BPS and BW-BPS 3.5. SAP datasources: Fi/Co PCA, Fi-GL, Co/Pa, MM, IS-AFS,
Methods: SEM-BPS ASAP , SAP ASAP Systems Development Method.

BluePrint Assessment, Configuration, Go Live implementation and Daily Operations of Business Planning functions in Bex, BPS and BW and SAP Solution Manager for large Dutch Publishing company in Europe. [May 1st 2004 –Nov 2004].
Role: designer, implementer, tester and BW administrator, Authorizations modeller and administrator. Daily BASIS operations, problem solving and tuning. Environment: SAP R/3 4.7 , BW3.1C , SEM BCS and BPS 3.50. Design of Report & Planning Layouts, Planning Sequences and Planning Functions. Systems: 8 SAP Identities on multiple IBM AIX 5.2., Oracle SAP datasources: Fi/Co PCA, CCA, GL, Co/Pa, MM, IS-MEDIA, CRM4, XI2.2 Methods: SEM-BPS ASAP , SAP ASAP Systems Development Method.

Design and Implementation of Balanced ScoreCard and Business Planning for CDG, Committee Directeur General with SEM-BSC and BPS 3.2 of IS-RETAIL for Paris Apparel and Luxury Goods company [october 1st 2003 – april 2004]. Role: Lead consultant, designer, implementer Environment: SAP R/3 4.6 , BW3.1C , BW3.3 [controlled ramp up release], SEM 3.2 BSC and BPS customizing. Design of Planning Layouts, Planning Sequences, FOX programming of Planning Functions. Systems: HP / DEC 6600 – True64 Unix . SAP module/datasources: IS-RETAIL 4.6 ,BW-RETAIL, Fi/Co PCA . Methods: SEM-BPS ASAP , DSDM Dynamic Systems Development Method and Kimball Dimensional Design.
Requirements Analysis for Design of Business Performance Control & Fiscal Consolidation with BW SEM BCS for German-European Building Material Wholesale Chain [june 2nd 2003 – current]. Objective: Requirements Analysis for Blueprint of Commercial, Fiscal and Legal Consolidation model . Replace R/3 based EC-CS consolidation system with SEM- BCS. Implementation of SEM-BPS / FOX for segment profit and budget planning [CCA]. Role: Lead consultant, as contractor with SAP-SI Germany. Environment: SAP R/3 4.6 , BW3.1C , SEM 3.2 [Intel Multiprocessor/Linux]. SAP module/datasources: HR {TEM, PD, PA}, SD, Fi-Co, MM, ITS, Portal Methods: IAS [Int’l Acctg Standards], SEM-ASAP and Dimensional Design.
Lead Design & Implementation of complete BW DWh [dec.3rd 2002 – june 2nd 2003]. General and Detailed Technical Design of Staging & Reporting platform for BW based DWh. Objectives: generate Sales, HR and Training Management Information from R/3 HR datasources, datatables/“infotypes”. In Automotive Industry sector organization in the Netherlands. Role: Lead designer and mentor to internal staff – supervisor of complete platform implementation [incl. Basis Consult of AS400-UNIX platform integration]. Environment: SAP R/3 4.6 [AS400] & BW3.1C [Intel Multiprocessor/Linux]. SAP module/datasources: HR {TEM, PD, PA}, SD, Fi-Co. Methods: ASAP and Dimensional Design Ralph Kimball

Architect of Fincial Reporting [april 2003 – current] Design of Blueprint and implementation for new Management Reporting information system for subsidiary of German Steel Trading company Netherlands. Objectives: Improve BPMR Business Planning & Mgt. Reporting on daily, weekly and monthly basis using ODS and SEM BCS / BPS. Build out of protoype and training workshop for Management. Environment: SAP R/3 4.6 [AS400] & BW3.1C [HP UNIX & Oracle].
SAP module/datasources: SD, HR Time, Fi-Co, PP, MM.
Design & Implementation of complete DWh [oct.1st – december 2002]. Design and implementation of complete extraction, transformation, loading and staging solution for DSS, Decision Support. Distribution and loading of national Data Marts. At large multinational [Paris]. Previous versions were based on E/R entity relation implementation by IBM Global and produced incoherent results. The solution was redesigned using Dimensional Design technique. Tools: PowerCentre 5.1 , MicroStrategy rel. 7 and SAP BW 3.0B from core R/3 data. Testing and stress loading with scripts of ETL interfaces using TMAP methodology. SAP module/datasources: SD, APO , PP, MM, IS-RETAIL 4.6 fmcg Method: Dimensional Design Ralph Kimball

Quality Assurance & User Acceptance Testing of ETL & Staging layer [aug. – oct. 11th 2002] DWh extraction, transformation, loading testing and acceptance. Tools: PowerCentre 5.1 and SAP BW at large multinational fmcg food retailer [Amsterdam].
SAP module/datasources: SD, FiCo, IS-RETAIL , LES Logistics Testing and stress loading with scripts for ETL interfaces using TMAP methodology.

Banking Datawarehouse Staging & Reporting Platform [may 1st – aug. 9th 2002] General and Detailed technical design of Banking Staging and Reporting process [City, London] Detailed design and implementation of DWh architecture. ETL extraction mappings from AS400-DB2 with Informatica Powercentre 5.1 to Oracle8 on Solaris Unix. Integration and unit testing Definition and evaluation of Test Cases [incl. design of Critical Technical Parameters (CTPs) , Test Condition Requirements (TCRS) and Data Quality Recording, Analysis & Reporting. System Peformance Test. Used testing tools : TOAD , scripting tool and Rational ClearQuest. Reporting with Business Objects ver. 5 and Actuate.

Project for Atos Origin Managed Services [jan 1st – march 2002]: Design of Financial Reporting and Planning architecture using Data Warehouses incl. Financial analysis of results of Publishing company Task: Design of logical SEM planning packages. Technical design of ETTL extraction to loading process. Within one month the logical functional design was made for the the Planning and Reporting Packages. Two reporting books / package streams were implemented in the first production. Tools: SAP Business Warehouse, SAP SEM ver. 3.1 [BCS and BPS] on Oracle. SAP module/datasources: Fi-Co, CoPa Method: DSDM and SAP ASAP Project for Ministry of Water State [aug 2001 – dec 2001]: Technical Design , Development of Data Integration plan for SEM : design of ETL mappings, ETL operational batches and OLAP Reports [in Powermart5 , COGNOS Powerhouse, SAP BW , SAP SEM on Oracle 8] of large scale Operations Economic Control DW. Objective: improve the auditing Control of current projects and determine cost/benefit scores.
SAP module/datasources: Fi/Co, PS, Co/Pa Project for national telco service provider KPN [june 2001 – aug 2001]: Mapping project for ETL, Extraction & Loading of Billing warehouse [using PowerCentre to SAP BW, both above Oracle9i].
Project for Lucent Technologies [jan 2000 – june 2001]:
Complete Technical Database Design for ASP [Application Service Provider] of Database management, Warehousing [DWh with SAP BW] and Business Information Analysis services [BI] . Projects in Insurance sector .
1997- 1999
CMG - VanderWerf Banking Consult
Designer of Data Warehouse of Market-Risk [SNS Securities]
DP Service Interim-Manager at Rabobank Facet - Central Systems,
Project leader Private Banking project at Dutch Bank,
Project leader e-commerce project.
- Analysis, Design , Implementation of Data Warehouse information architecture – Trend & Pattern Analysis [architect , for Rabobank Securities]
InterWood Consult & Ass. (own company, four consultants)
- E-commerce, sales force automation for consumer electronics multinational [Eindhoven];
- Contracting and implementation of Documentary Information System. - Contracting, training development and tuition of "Management of large scale Information Architectures” course
1985- 1993
Unisys – Univac
- Role: business developer and later: business consultant/designer
- Systems integration of dealing room for large networked Dutch bank
Control Data Corporation
- Implementation of interactive geographic and administrative land information system.
1979- 1983
CSC Computer Science Corporation - Implementation of X-400 Message Handling System - Diverse Business Planning & Management Reporting project

cv: 3941

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